COVID-19 Updates
Updated May 30

Cambridge College will continue remote learning and teaching through August 2020. The health and safety of our students, faculty, staff and community are important to us. Please see our updates regarding COVID-19.

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Academic Calendar 2019-2020 CC-Online

Revised 9/14/19

Fall Term 2019-2020


25   Last day to submit admissions application for Fall Term 2019-2020



01    Fall term begins

02    Labor Day—no classes, offices closed

02    Last day: admissions acceptance for Fall Term 2019-2020

03   Session A Online (OL) courses begin

08   LAST DAY to ADD/DROP for Online (OL) courses 



14    Columbus Day—classes held, offices closed

15    Financial aid—final deadline for all Fall 2019 documents

18    Intent to graduate forms for January 2020 graduates due to Registrar

27    Session A Online (OL) courses end

28    Session B Online (OL) courses begin



01    Registration opens for Spring Term 2020 (9:00 am)

03    LAST DAY to ADD/DROP for Online (OL) courses 

04    Financial aid—FAFSA priority deadline for Spring 2020

11    Veterans Day—classes held, offices closed

19    Undergraduate—last day for portfolio submission

28-29    Thanksgiving Holiday—no classes, offices closed



14    Bursar statements mailed: Spring 2020

22    Last day for Session B Online (OL) courses



13    Fall term ends

13    Fall term degree conferral


Spring Term 2020


14    Spring Term 2020 begins

14    Last day to submit application for Spring 2020

15    Payment due to Bursar: Spring 2020

20    Martin Luther King, Jr. Day—no classes, offices closed

21    Last day for acceptance for Spring Term 2020

21    Session A Online (OL) courses begin

26    LAST DAY to ADD/DROP for Session A Online (OL) courses



10    Financial aid—final deadline for all Spring 2020 documents

14    Intent to Graduate forms for June graduates due to Registrar

17    Presidents’ Day—classes held, offices closed



15    Last day for Session A Online (OL) courses

16    Session B Online (OL) courses begin

22    LAST DAY to ADD/DROP for Session B Online (OL) courses

30    Financial aid—FAFSA priority deadline for Summer 2020



01    Registration opens for summer (9:00 am)

10    Undergraduate—last day for portfolio submission

20    Patriots’ Day—some classes held, offices closed

20-24    Spring break—classes held, offices open



03    Bursar statements mailed: Summer 2020

10    Last day of Session B Online (OL) classes

18    Grades due and capstones submitted - undergraduate school

25    Memorial Day—no classes, offices closed



07    Spring term ends

07    Spring term degree conferral

14    Commencement exercises


Summer Term 2020


08    Financial aid—final deadline for all Summer 2020 documents

08    Summer term begins

09    Last day to submit application for Summer 2020

15    Last day for acceptance into degree/certificate Summer 2020

15    Online (OL) classes begin

21    LAST DAY to ADD/DROP for Online (OL) courses

25    Intent to Graduate forms for August graduates due to Registrar



01    Registration opens for Fall 2020 (9:00 am)

03    Independence Day (observed)—no classes, offices closed

09    Financial aid—FAFSA priority deadline for Fall 2020-2021

10    Undergraduate—last day for portfolio submission



09    Last day of Online (OL) classes

31    Summer term degree conferral

31    Summer term ends