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Musselman honored by NSTA

Cambridge College alumnus Sean Musselman's book "Investigating Weather and Climate"
"Investigating Weather and Climate" by Sean Musselman

Cambridge College Science Education Alumnus and Instructor Sean Musselman was honored on March 31, 2017, at the National Science Teacher Convention in Los Angeles for the release of his new NSTA children's science book, Investigating Weather and Climate. 

Sean's book, a two year undertaking, will assist elementary teachers in supporting both the Massachusetts and National Science Standards related to weather, climate and the interpretation of charts and data.  The book explores how humans collect weather data on which a variety of weather and climate graphs and charts are built upon. It leads students to construct their own meaning from the patterns they uncover in the data, answering the driving question, “What can we learn by observing and recording weather data?”

Mr. Musselman teaches elementary science professional development courses at Cambridge College and is the Science Specialist for Earth, Physical and Engineering Science at the Burlington Science Center.  Sean also sits on the executive board of the North Shore Science Supervisors Association of Massachusetts.

Sean graduated Cambridge College in 2008 with his Master’s in Science Education.