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Van Gorder, Doris

Interim Dean, School of Education & Counseling
Senior Instructor
University of Massachusetts Boston
Teacher Preparation
(617) 873-0181
School Affiliation

Cambridge College School of Education & Counseling

Academic Focus

Teacher preparation, special education

Courses Taught
  • Adapting Materials for Students with Disabilities in the Gen Ed Classroom  (Face to Face)
  • Adapting Materials for Students with Disabilities in the Gen Ed Classroom  (Online)
  • Collaboration and Consultation Techniques
  • Professional Seminar
  • Laws and Regulations Pertaining to Behavioral Intervention and ABA (online)

CAGS - Transition Leadership - University of Mass., Boston
Certificate - Teacher Leadership (BTLC Program) - University of Mass., Boston
MEd  -  Special Education Technology, Emmanuel College
CAGS -  Intensive Special Education (All Levels) - Northeastern University
MEd  -  Moderate Special Education (All Levels) - University of Mass., Boston

Licensures: Massachusetts

  • Elementary Education
  • Intensive Special Education  (All levels)
  • Moderate Special Education (All levels)
  • Special Education Administration


  • Boston Teacher Leadership Certificate
  • Bullying Specialist Certificate
  • Wilson Reading Certificate
  • CPI and CPR Trained
  • Transition Specialist



Recognized as an accessible and responsive teacher, teacher leader, adjunct professor, administrator and decision-maker with the ability to consistently and effectively identify resources, mitigate the escalation of problems, establish best practices, provide corrective-action planning, and decisively lead and guide team members to maintain procedural continuity.

Professional Experience

Resourceful, dedicated, student-focused, adjunct professor, teacher/teacher leader/administrator with extensive and varied experience as an educator, teacher leader, administrator and supportive team colleague.  Offering definitive strengths in educational program design, instruction, data analysis, progress monitoring, instructional planning, and professional development program implementation that have contributed to the creation of structured and responsive learning environments and measurable enhancements in educational service delivery in urban communities.

University of Massachusetts, Department of Curriculum and Instruction, Boston, Massachusetts   
Interim Director of Teacher Education 

Boston Public Schools:

  • Central Office Liaison/Supervisor High Schools, Supervisor of STRIVE Transition Program
  • Director of Special Education - Charlestown High School
  • Teacher of Students with Disabilities (Moderate and Intensive)
  • Director of Extended School Year Learning – Vocational Exploration Program  

New Teacher Developer