COVID-19 Updates
Updated August 13, 2020

Cambridge College will continue remote learning and teaching through Fall 2020-2021 term. The health and safety of our students, faculty, staff and community are important to us. Please see our updates regarding COVID-19 and campus plans.


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Karen Miguel, Cambridge College alumna
Alumni News
Karen Miguel [MM '09] has been working on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic since before the deadly disease even hit the shores of this country. Miguel and her team at the Massachusetts General Hospital Patient Care Services were carefully monitoring the rapid spread of the coronavirus as it made its way across Asia and into Europe earlier this spring and knew they had to prepare. "We knew the surge was coming," said Miguel, a registered nurse in the Nursing and Patient Care Services Office of Quality and Safety. And they knew they had to act fast. "We watched the trends and the numbers," she said, "and we knew we had to work hard to flatten the curve." Knowing Boston was about two weeks behind New York, they kept close tabs on that city as they transformed Mass General from a 1,000-bed hospital with seven intensive-care units to one with 11 ICUs and a recovery area. One of the interesting things they noticed...
Faculty Spotlight
Steve Kelley, a Senior Instructor in the School of Undergraduate Studies at Cambridge College, is a successful entrepreneur, a real estate developer, a public speaker, a personal coach and mentor, and an author. He just released his second book, “Break the Curse: A Template for Change,” in which he shares how to beat the odds and achieve extraordinary success. Steve overcame a rare brain cancer in 2018 and has emerged stronger and more resolved to share his philosophy of reframing our perspectives and positivity with the world. Steve lives life to the fullest and brings encouragement and joy to all who have the pleasure of knowing him. He resides in the Boston area in a multi-generational home with his wife Susan, two adult sons, and his beloved grandchildren.