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Julie Coles books
Alumni News

Education became Julie Coles’ primary passion since spending her summers as a camp counselor for special needs children, teens and adults. The experience was so memorable because of the relationships formed with her campers. Both exhausting and exhilarating, Julie discovered her passion for supporting the needs of others, who helped her learn how to become a compassionate humanitarian. After receiving her bachelor’s degree from Brown University and her masters from the University of Connecticut, Julie went on to have a fulfilling career as a special education teacher. Enrolling in an Educational Leadership program to obtain her Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies (C.A.G.S.) at Cambridge College in Massachusetts enabled her to achieve her goal of leading her own school.

Thulani DeMarsay
Faculty News

Dr. Thulani DeMarsay, Senior Faculty Member in Wellness & Health Promotion, will launch her new book during a research visit to South Africa. The book is titled: “An Invitation to Contemplative Leadership: How to Lead Mindfully During Times of Crisis and Uncertainty.” The book offers tools and practices that will help you to: (1) Cultivate greater self-awareness and emotional intelligence; (2) Flourish during times of uncertainty, crisis, and adversity; (3) Expand inner capacity, build resilience, and develop leadership agility; and (4) Create stronger team cohesion and collaboration. Whether you are a senior leader responsible for running a complex company, an executive director charged with stewarding a non-profit organization, or a millennial entrepreneur who wants to lead from a place of mindfulness and inner wisdom, this book is for you.