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Patrick Dayton
Alumni News
Watertown School District welcomes Patrick Dayton [MEd Special Ed '19] to their faculty as a grade 7 special education teacher at the Watertown Middle School. Patrick “Pat” Dayton graduated from Westfield State University, and then Cambridge College, with a master of education in special education in 2019. He worked in Belmont Public Schools as a 1:1 professional aide for five years, and more recently as a special education teacher in the Melrose Public Schools for the last five years. He believes that in order to best support students, the team needs to have a shared approach, and he values collaboration and partnership with the student’s other teachers, specialists, and family. He lives in Watertown with his wife, his 3-year-old, and his 3-month-old.” [Photo Courtesy / Watertown Public Schools]
Dr. Jarvis
Alumni Spotlight
Dr. Richard Jarvis [MEd '05] is a decorated military veteran, author of the book “How’s Your Balance”, adjunct professor at South University and Stratford University, Church Deacon, and life coach as well as the President of Forever Property Solutions LLC. Dr. Jarvis was born in Panama and relocated to the U.S. in the 1960’s. Raised by a single mother, he faced many challenges and struggles that many faced at that time as an inner-city youth in New York. As an accomplished motivational speaker, he shares how he embraced adversity and through hard work and determination, managed to become the civic leader that he is today. After receiving his degree in System & Organizational Management from Hampton University, he went on to further his education at Cambridge College graduating in 2005 with a Master’s in Education before going on to receive his Doctorate of Management with a concentration in Higher Education and Learning from Colorado Technical University in 2016. Dr. Jarvis attributes much of his success to the amazing education he received at Cambridge College while pursuing his Master’s in Education with a concentration in school administration at the Cambridge College Virginia campus. Dr. Jarvis stated that he feels he received an amazing education due in part to the diversity in the classroom and the diversity of the faculty and staff.