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Getting Your Company to Help

If you are wondering about how to finance your education, you should consider asking your employer to help pay for part or all of your tuition costs. Many companies have tuition assistance programs, designed to help their employees with their professional development. Some times there are requirements on areas of study, grade point average, and length of employment after graduation.

Making the case for tuition reimbursement

The key to having your employer pay for your education is to illustrate to your boss the benefits to the company that will result from your new skills. There are a variety of direct benefits of employer-funded education that you should point out. These include increased loyalty, reduced employee turnover, increased productivity, ability to take on new projects and the opportunity to show leadership skills. Tuition reimbursement can be a win-win situation because you'll have help paying for your education and your boss will have a motivated employee who will bring new skills and ideas to work every day.